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About us


As the very first Ramen Restaurant opened in Leiden which is located in Beestenmarkt 4, 2312 CC Leiden, we firmly believe that the popularity of the Ramen dish will be surged in the years and that’s the reason we would like to bring the very best of Chinese and Japanese Ramen to the European continent.

M Noodle Bar is based on healthy, mouth-watering and exquisite chicken broth and sometimes tonkotsu (pork bones) broth with Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso or only Shio (salt) added in and boiled to make the stock. Noodles shipped from Japan. Our chashu (pork belly) topping is slow-braised for up to 5 hours in sake, soy sauce and mirin until it’s exceptionally tender.Mushroom, corn, seaweed, spring onions, fermented bamboo shoots, half boiled egg and naruto (cured fish cake). To offer the discerning vegetarian customer an equally pleasant experience, our chiefs have developed a declicious vegetarinan broth

To give your visit a unique experience, M Noodle Bar has prepared a menu with delicate side dishes, cold dishes, desert and bubble tea that will surely make you feel like you are in Asia.

We Guarantee

At M Noodle Bar we make our own ramen broth from a careful selection and long-prepared of raw ingredients, so freshness and tasty is guaranteed. All of our tares (shio, shoyu and miso sauces) are homemade.

At M Noodle Bar, we believe the customers’ preferences are important to us; if you want the noodle to be firmer or softer, or when you prefer less salt, please tell our colleague. We guarantee to do our best to serve you.To us, a great bowl of ramen starts with a great broth and we take ours serious.



Restaurant Amenities

*Free WiFi

*Smoking Zone

*Live Music


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