The Restaurant

M Noodle Bar is a Ramen restaurant in Leiden and is dedicated to bring a 100% authentic Japanese taste to the customers. Our chief has worked repeatedly to find the best local ingredients to create & refine the original recipes. To make your have a unique Japanese experience, we have prepared a menu with delicate side dishes, cold dishes, desert and drinks that will surely offer you the Japanese taste.

As the first Ramen restaurant in Leiden, M Noodle Bar welcomes you to our restaurant and wish you a great experience.

Our Story


€9 50 - €14 00

The Ramen is Japanese noodle soup dish that is served in a broth which can be made out various ingredients such as pork, chicken and vegetables. Noodles are served in the broth-based soup and carefully decorated with a variety of delicious toppings.

Side Dishes

€3 00 - €5 00

Except our mouthwateringly deliciou ramen, our well-prepared and authentic side dishes such as edamame, takoyaki, tori kara-age and so on, will also make our customers fell they are in Japan.

Teriyaki Chicken Don


Crispy chicken thighs fillet with teriyaki sauce, served with Japanese rice, sesame, sliced lettuce, sliced carrot, spring onion, house special mayonnaise.


€3 00 - €4 80

There are some tasty Japanese desserts we offered including Daifuku (sweet rice cakes with sweet red beans inside), Dorayaki (Japanese pancake with red-bean filling) Matcha ice cream and Kuro Goma ice cream (black sesame).

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For larger reservations of over 5 people and special occasions such as birthday parties or company events , please make sure you make a reservation before. If you have any questions or remarks, we are glad to receive any emails from you and happy to answer them.

M Noodl Bar looks forward to you visit!

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